Access to COSYNA Data via the Data Portal CODM

As part of our efforts to improve COSYNA's products and services, as well as to justify our efforts
to our funding bodies, we have introduced a simple user registration procedure for the COSYNA data portal.
We will collect some information regarding types of institution and your interest in our site.

This information is collected strictly for statistical purposes and will not be used in any other way.
We continue to be committed to an open data policy, i.e., our data and products will continue to be free of
charge and available for everyone.

We will NOT have a password management system that is connected to your e mail address or other personal
information. If you lose your password or user name you have to create a new one.

This is done to ensure your privacy while providing us with necessary information.

Thank you for your interest in COSYNA. We appreciate your visit.

With the link to user registration a new username is entered.

Please enter username and password if you are already registered.
Data Protection

If you have no username or if you forgot you password: User registration